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Short Stories

'Suicide Bridge'

Published online December 2001, at Quantum Muse, and Dusksite in March 2002. Also published in Here and Now magazine, Issue 4 in December 2004. Reprinted in Bury Them Deep, published by Hersham Horror Books, September 2017.

Here and Now Issue 4, Bradan Press

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'Tabitha's Angel'

Published online in Gator Springs Gazette, Fandango Virtual, December 2001. Also available on CD. Published online in the Christmas 2006 edition of Estronomicon. To download, click here.


'Sea View'

Published online at Savage Night, June 2002 and in Dark Horizons Issue 45 February 2004

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Published online at Dusksite in May 2003, and in When Darkness Comes, published by Crystal Serenades, May 2004

When Darkness Comes, Crystal Serenades Publications

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Published online at Dusksite in July 2003 and Horror Library in August 2003

Reprinted in 'Slices of Flesh' 2012.

Slices of Flesh


'Samedi's Child'

Published online at Shadow Writer in October 2003


'Do You Remember?'

Published in Dark Angel Rising, Issue 10, January 2004

Dark Angel Rising



Published in The Alsiso Project, Elastic Press, January 2004

The Alsiso Project, Elastic Press

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'Bleed For Me'

Published in Terror Tales '2, 2005

Terror Tales 2, Rainfall Books

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'Spiritus Sanctus'

This story has been published in Italy - in the anthology Amazzoni, published by Ferrara Edizione - and in Germany - in the anthology Amazonen, published by UBooks.

Amazzoni, Marie O'Regan

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Amazonen, Marie O'Regan

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Spiritus Sanctus has now been published online in the UK in Estronomicon #2.

Estronomicon #2

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'Can You See Me?'

Midnight Street #5

Short-listed for the British Fantasy Award for Best Short Story 2006

Published in Midnight Street Issue 5. For details of how to purchase Midnight Street, click here.

Reprinted in BFS Horizons, June/July 2017

BFS Horizons, Issue 5

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Published in Terror Tales #3, 2006

Terror Tales 3, Rainfall Books

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'Cut To The Chase'

Estronomicon, November 08, FantasyCon Issue

Published in Estronomicon, FantasyCon Issue, November 2008

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'In The Howling Of The Wind'

Estronomicon, Christmas 2008 Issue

Published in Estronomicon, Christmas 2008 issue

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'World Without End'

The Thinking Man's Crumpet, Issue 2

Published in The Thinking Man's Crumpet, Issue 2, February 2009.

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'Cat and Mouse'

Femme Fatales of Fright

Published in Femme Fatales of Fright, April 2009.

Reprinted in Deadly Dolls, December 2009.

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'Play Time'

Darc Karnivale, edited by David Byron and Corey R. Scales

Published in Darc Karnivale, January 2010. Available from Evil Nerd Empire.

Reprinted in Terror Scribes, April 2012. Available from Dog Horn Publishing.

Terror Scribes, edited by Adam Lowe and Chris Kelso


'The Unquiet Bones'

Bite-Sized Horror, edited by Johnny Mains

Published in Bite Sized Horror, ed. Johnny Mains, June 2011

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'The Real Me'

Midnight Street #16

Published in Midnight Street # 16, September 2011

Due to be reprinted in Her Dark Voices 2.


'Plus Ça Change'

Phobophobia, edited by Dean Drinkel

Published in Phobophobia (Dark Continents Publishing) December 2011.



BFS Journal, Spring 2012

Published in BFS Journal, Spring 2012.

Reprinted in 'Unconventional Fantasy, A Celebration Of 40 Years of the World Fantasy Convention', available to attendees at World Fantasy Convention 2014, Washington USA.


'The Cradle in the Corner'

Hauntings, edited by Ian Whates

Published in Hauntings, by NewCon Press, June 2012.

Reprinted in Obsidian: A Decade of Horror Stories by Women, January 2016

Obsidian: A Decade of Horror Stories by Women



'Someone To Watch Over You'

Terror Tales of London, edited by Paul Finch

Published by Grayfriar Press, June 2013

Re-printed in The Best British Horror 2014, edited by Johnny Mains (Salt Publishing), June 2014

The Best British Horror 2014, edited by Johnny Mains



'Inspiration Point'

Noir anthology, edited by Ian Whates

Published by NewCon Press, edited by Ian Whates. April 2014



Published in Bury Them Deep, Hersham Horror Books. September 2017

Bury Them Deep, by Marie O'Regan


'Sleeping Black'

Great British Horror Vol. 2 - Dark Satanic Mills

Published by Black Shuck Books, September 2017.




The Curse of the Ghost, by Marie O'Regan

Hersham Horror, March 2015.

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Reprinted as 'A Garden for Lily' in In Times of Want




Bury Them Deep, by Marie O'Regan



Essay on The Changeling, in Cinema Macabre

Cinema Macabre, PS Publishing

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Voices in the Dark

Voices in the Dark, by Paul Kane and Marie O'Regan

A book of interviews (co-written with Paul Kane) featuring such horror luminaries as Clive Barker, Joe Hill, Ron Perlman, John Carpenter, Betsy Palmer, Sarah Pinborough, Rob Zombie and Neil Gaiman ( published by McFarland).


Where Nightmares Come From, edited by Joe Mynhardt and Eugene Johnson


A book of essays and interviews on storytelling in the horror genre, featuring Marie's interview with best-selling mystery author John Connolly.




Mirror Mere

Mirror Mere, Marie O'Regan, Rainfall Books

Published by Rainfall Books

ISBN 0-9549923-6-9



by  Marie O'Regan.
Illustrated by David A. Magitis. CLOUD 034

Stories: Whispers; Suicide Bridge; Bleed For Me; Alsiso; Sea View; 4.44;  Cut To The Chase; Do You Remember; No Way Up; Samedi's Child; Can You See Me?; Touch; Spiritus Sanctus; Stay; Mirror Mere; I'll Call You; Tabitha's Angel.


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Mirror Mere

Mirror Mere, E-book, Screaming Dreams

(Screaming Dreams)

An e-book of Marie's novella, Mirror Mere, the title story from her collection.

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IN TIMES OF WANT and other stories

In Times of Want and other stories, by Marie O'Regan

Published by Hersham Horror Books

ISBN: 978-1530485079

Featuring an introduction by Sarah Pinborough, and an afterword by Johnny Mains.

Stories: The Real Me; In the Howling of the Wind; Cat and Mouse; Listen; Plus Ça Change; In Times of Want; The Unquiet Bones; World Without End; Someone To Watch Over You; Such is Life; Play Time; Inspiration Point; A Garden for Lily (previously published as Curse of the Ghost); Safe; In My Mind, Mine Understanding; The Cradle in the Corner.


Available direct from the publisher, or on

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Short-listed for British Fantasy Award for Best Anthology 2009


 Pocket Books(Simon & Schuster), co-edited with Marie O’Regan. Cover artwork by Clive Barker (‘Vestimenti’ Cenobite). September 2009, $16.00/£10.76

ISBN-10: 1439140901 ISBN-13:978-1439140901

Featuring: ‘Foreword’ by Clive Barker; ‘Introduction: Raising Hell, Again’ by Stephen Jones; ‘ Prisoners of the Inferno’ by Peter Atkins; ‘ The Cold’ by Conrad Williams; ‘ The Confessor’s Tale’ by Sarah Pinborough; ‘ Hellbound Hollywood’ by Mick Garris; ‘ Mechanisms’ by Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola (illustrated by Mike Mignola); ‘ Every Wrong Turn’ by Tim Lebbon; ‘ The Collector’ by Kelley Armstrong; ‘ Bulimia’ by Richard Christian Matheson; ‘ Orfeo the Damned’ by Nancy Holder; ‘ Our Lord of Quarters’ by Simon Clark; ‘ Wordsworth’ graphic insert by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean; ‘ A Little Piece of Hell’ by Steve Niles; ‘ The Dark Materials Project’ by Sarah Langan; ‘ Demon’s Design’ by Nicholas Vince; ‘ Only The Blind Survive’ by Yvonne Navarro; ‘ Mother’s Ruin’ by Mark Morris; ‘ Sister Cilice’ by Barbie Wilde; ‘ Santos del Infierno’ by Jeffrey J. Mariotte; ‘ The Promise’ by Nancy Kilpatrick; ‘ However…’ by Gary A. Braunbeck and Lucy A. Snyder; ‘ Tis Pity He’s Ashore’ by Chaz Brenchley; ‘Afterword’ by Doug Bradley; ‘Special Bonus Material: Wordsworth Graphic Short Story Original Script’ by Neil Gaiman.

For reviews of Hellbound Hearts, click here.

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Mammoth Book of Body Horror, edited by Paul Kane and Marie O'Regan

Constable & Robinson, co-edited with Paul Kane. March 2012, £7.99

ISBN-10: 1780330391. ISBN-13: 978-1780330396

Featuring:Introduction’ by Stuart Gordon (Director of Re-Animator and From Beyond); ‘Transformation’ by Mary Shelley; ‘The Telltale Heart’ by Edgar Allan Poe; ‘Herbert West: Re-Animator’ by H.P. Lovecraft; ‘Who Goes There?’  John W. Campbell; ‘The Fly’ by George Langelaan; ‘Tis the Season to be Jelly’ by Richard Matheson; ‘Survivor Type’ by Stephen King; ‘The Body Politic’ by Clive Barker; ‘The Chaney Legacy’ by Robert Bloch; ‘The Other Side’ by Ramsey Campbell; ‘Fruiting Bodies’ by Brian Lumley; ‘Freaktent’ by Nancy A. Collins; ‘Region of the Flesh’ by Richard Christian Matheson; ‘Walking Wounded’ by Michael Marshall Smith; ‘Changes’ by Neil Gaiman; ‘Others’ by James Herbert; ‘The Look’ by Christopher Fowler; ‘Residue’ by Alice Henderson; ‘Dog Days’ by Graham Masterton; ‘Black Box’ by Gemma Files; ‘The Soaring Dead’ by Simon Clark; ‘Polyp’ by Barbie Wilde; ‘Almost Forever’ by David Moody; ‘Butterfly’ by Axelle Carolyn; ‘Sticky Eye’ by Conrad Williams.

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Edited by Marie O'Regan

Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women, edited by Marie O'Regan

Short-listed for British Fantasy Award for Best Anthology 2012

(Constable and Robinson) - November 2012

‘The Third Person’ – Lisa Tuttle; ‘The Madam of the Narrow Houses’ – Caitlín R. Kiernan; ‘Forget Us Not’ – Nancy Kilpatrick; ‘My Moira’ – Lilith Saintcrow; ‘Dead Flowers by a Roadside’ – Kelley Armstrong; ‘Sister, ssh…’  –  by Elizabeth Massie; ‘Return’ – Yvonne Navarro; ‘Freeze Out’ – Nancy Holder; ‘Front Row Rider’ – Muriel Gray; ‘Collect Call’ – Sarah Pinborough; ‘The Ninth Witch’ – Sarah Langan; ‘The Fifth Bedroom’ – Alex Bell; ‘Another One in from the Cold’ – Marion Arnott; ‘The Phantom Coach’ – Amelia B. Edwards; ‘Seeing Nancy’ – Nina Allan; ‘A Silver Music’ – Gaie Sebold; ‘The Shadow in the Corner’ – Mary Elizabeth Braddon; ‘Let Loose’ – Mary Cholmondley; ‘The Old Nurse’s Story’ – Elizabeth Gaskell; ‘Afterward’ – Edith Wharton; ‘The Lost Ghost’ – Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman; ‘God Grant That She Lye Still’ – Lady Cynthia Asquith; ‘Field of the Dead’ – Kim Lakin-Smith; ‘Scairt’ – Alison Littlewood; and ‘Among the Shoals Forever’ – Gail Z. Martin.

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Co-edited with Paul Kane

ISBN  978-1-848635-03-6

'Introduction: Horror of the Carnivale' - Marie O'Regan& Paul Kane; 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' - Ray Bradbury; 'A Flat Patch of Grass' Muriel Gray; 'Some Children Wander by Mistake' - John Connolly; 'Spurs' (AKA Freaks) - Tod Robbins; 'Tiger, Tiger' - Rio Youer; 'Blind Voices' - Tom Reamy; 'Mister Magister' - Thomas F. Monteleone; 'Twittering from the Circus of the Dead' - Joe Hill; 'The Pilo Family Circus' - Will Elliott; 'Face of the Circus' - Lou Morgan; 'Escardy Gap' - Peter Crowther & James Lovegrove; 'The Circus of Dr. Lao' - Charles Finney; 'In The Forest of the Night' - Paul Finch; 'All The Clowns in Clowntown' - Andrew J. McKiernan; 'Nine Letters About Spit' - Robert Shearman; 'To Run Awary and Join The Circus' - Alison Littlewood.

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RESURRECTION BLUES, a novella, from Black Shuck Books


'Slippery When Wet' - short story, Industrial Horror anthology edited by Dean Drinkel. Details TBA.


'The Real Me' will be reprinted in Her Dark Voices 2, details tbc.


Luna Press announcement

A collection, 'The Last Ghost and Other Stories', due out in 2019 from Luna Press. More details when available.


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