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Swansea Horror Con - Marie O'Regan


The big news this month is that Marie will be a guest at Swansea HorrorCon at Swansea Leisure Complex, Oystermouth on 1-2 of July, alongside stars such as Kane ‘Friday the 13th’ Hodder and Bond Girl Caroline Monroe.

To book your tickets and see a full list of the other Guests simply click here.


The Coroner


However, last month Marie was at the thoroughly enjoyable ‘An evening with Sally Abbott’ (creator of the highly successful show The Coroner, above) at MediaCity and organised by the Writers’ Room. You’ll find photos from that one below.


BBC building, Media City, Salford Quays


BBC Writersroom - In conversation with Sally Abbott


Sally Abbott


BBC Building, Media City, Salford Quays


She was also busy signing the new PS edition of Stephen King’s Night Shift – signing sheets designed by Dave McKean. Marie and Paul provided an afterword to this, one of King’s most famous collections (see January’s news for more details) which you can order here.


Signing Sheets for Night Shift, by Stephen King


Night Shift by Stephen King, artwork by Dave McKean


Night Shift by StephenKing, signing sheet



Women in Horror Month


February is Women in Horror Month, and as part of the celebration of Women in Horror, author Mark West has put a 'mixtape' of recommended stories by female authors, chosen by authors in the field, on his blog here. Marie chose an old favourite, 'The Lost Ghost', by Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman - a classic in the field, and a story Marie was delighted to be able to include in her anthology, The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women.


Behind Her Eyes, by Sarah Pinborough


Marie was delighted to be able to attend a launch party for Sarah Pinborough's new thriller from Harper Collins, Behind Her Eyes, in London last month (pictures above and below).


The crowd at Sarah Pinborough's launch for Behind Her Eyes


The book, as modelled by Sarah below, went on to become a No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller – and you can get your copy by clicking here.


Sarah Pinborough, author of 'Behind Her Eyes'



Night Shift, Stephen King, artwork by Dave McKean

A Happy New Year to one and all, and we hit the ground running in 2017 with the huge news that Marie and Paul have been asked to provide an afterword for the gorgeous-looking hardback edition of Stephen King’s famous collection Night Shift (above), due to be published by PS soon.


The Lawnmower Man, Stephen King


As well as being a milestone in the genre, Night Shift was King’s first collection and brought together many of his tales that would go on to be adapted for film and television, including The Lawnmower Man (above), Graveyard Shift, Sometimes They Come Back (below), Children of the Corn and The Mangler (also below)…


Sometimes They Come Back, Stephen King


The Mangler, Stephen King


This new edition of the book features stunning cover art and internal illustrations by Dave McKean, a selection of which you’ll find below.  


Night Shift by Stephen King - interior artwork by Dave McKean, Quitters, Inc.


Night Shift, Stephen King - interior artwork by Dave McKean


Night Shift, by Stephen King - interior artwork by Dave McKean


To pre-order your copy, head over to the PS Publishing website, here.


The Burning Page, by Genevieve Cogman


Marie also found time to review The Burning Page (above), which is the new novel from Genevieve Cogman – the latest in her ‘Invisible Library’ series. You can read what she thought of this release on the Sci-Fi Bulletin site here


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