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John Ajvide Lindqvist

The big news for November is that the second Guest of Honour for FantasyCon 2011 has now been announced. John Ajvide Linqvist (above), bestselling author of Let the Right One In (below) will be joining Gwyneth Jones and Sarah Pinborough in Brighton next September (see previous news section).

Let The Right One In, by John Ajvide Lindqvist

Also responsible for penning the books Handling the Undead and Harbour, John has seen his first novel turned into a movie in his native Sweden (below) and more recently by Hollywood, renamed Let Me In. Marie is co-chairing the popular event, which you can join by visiting the website here.

Still from Let The Right One In

Marie and Paul were also in attendance at the Gollancz Publishers’ Halloween party last month, held at the October gallery in London. Below you’ll find some pictures from the excellent event.

Graham Joyce

Gollancz author Graham Joyce

Mark Chadbourn

And Mark Chadbourn

Mike Carey

Mike Carey enjoying the party.

Paul Kane, Marie O'Regan

Marie with Paul.

Otherworlds event

Forthcoming events you can see Marie at include the Tor/Alt.Fiction Other Worlds Event (above) at the Quad in Derby on on 6th November – to book your place click here, a couple of genre workshops at Chesterfield Library on the 23rd and 30th November and the British Fantasy Society’s Christmas Open Evening at Truckles pub in London on 3rd December.


FantasyCon 2011

While she was at FantasyCon last month, Marie launched next year’s convention, which she will be co-chairing with Paul (for full FantasyCon 2011 committee details click here). For 2011, FantasyCon is heading to the seaside - to Brighton, at the Royal Albion Hotel; venue for 2010's highly successful World Horror Convention, and will be held over the weekend of 30th September to 2nd October.

Marie O'Regan, Patrick Marcel at FantasyCon 2011 launch party

The picture above shows Marie at the launch party, which was very well attended, and with a year to go, the convention already has well over 100 members.

Gwyneth Jones

The con’s first Guest of Honour was announced at the launch, World Fantasy Award-winning author of Castles Made of Sand and Divine Endurance, Gwyneth Jones (above). She joins the already announced Mistress of Ceremonies, British Fantasy Award-winning author of Language of Dying and A Matter of Blood, Sarah Pinborough (below).

Sarah Pinborough

There are more surprises to come, so go to the site here to join up and be certain of your place. Below are some more pictures from the launch and from FantasyCon 2010, including Marie with Guy Adams, Helen Hopley and Robert Shearman.  

FantasyCon 2011 launch party


Paul Kane and Marie O'Regan at the FantasyCon 2011 launch party


Guy Adams, Marie O'Regan, Helen Hopley and Robert Shearman at FantasyCon 2010.



And in case you missed any of the panels or interviews from an earlier convention Marie was a guest at – Alt.Fiction back in June – then you can listen to them on podcasts here.  This includes the Dark Fantasy Panel, which Marie was on with Tim Lebbon, Paul and Kim Lakin-Smith. Enjoy!


Origin poster

Jo-Ann Challis, Danny Stack

Marie had a fantastic time at the cast and crew premiere screening of Origin (above), on 21st July at Working Title Films’ cinema near Baker Street. Written and directed by Danny Stack (also above, with his wife and co-producer Jo), the short movie revolves around a teenager who is bitten by something mysterious in the woods (see stills below).




Marie was an associate producer on the film, which starred Waterloo Road and Coronation Street actress Katy Carmichael, Lee Ross and Alex Avery. For more information, visit the website here.


Zoo City, by Lauren Beukes

Marie was also at the British Fantasy Society’s Open Afternoon at The George near Fleet Street last weekend, for the launch of the limited edition of Lauren Beukes’ Zoo City novel (above). The author read from this and answered questions, while other attendees included Hellraiser actor Doug Bradley, Stephen Jones, Ian Whates, Amanda Foubister, Mandy Slater, Mike Carey, Sarah Pinborough, plus Phil and Sarah Stokes from Clive Barker’s Revelations site.



Kim Lakin-Smith, Marie O'Regan, Tim Lebbon, Paul Kane

Marie thoroughly enjoyed her guest appearance at this year’s Alt. Fiction event, on Saturday June 12th at the Quad in Derby. As well as running a genre workshop with Paul Kane on the Saturday at 1pm, she was also on a panel called ‘Dark Fantasy vs. Horror with Paul, Tim Lebbon and moderator Kim Lakin-Smith. You can listen to a podcast of this by clicking here.

Hellbound Hearts, edited by Paul Kane and Marie O'Regan

As a follow-up to last month’s upstate, about Hellbound Hearts, which appeared on the Honorable Mention listings for Ellen Datlow’s The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Two, the anthology has appeared on the BFS Awards shortlist, as well as the story ‘The Confessor’s Tale’ by Sarah Pinborough (below).

Sarah Pinborough



Alt.Fiction programme


We begin this month with more details about Marie’s guest appearance at this year’s Alt. Fiction event on Saturday June 12th at the Quad in Derby. She will be doing a genre workshop with Paul Kane on the Saturday at 1pm, and other authors attending the event include Ramsey Campbell, Mike Carey, Chaz Brenchley, Paul Cornell, Sarah Pinborough, Mark Chadbourn, Juliet McKenna, Tim Lebbon and Steve Erikson among others, plus editors Stephen Jones of Mammoth Book of Year’s Best Horror fame, Marc Gascoigne and Lee Harris from Angry Robot, Jenni Hill from Abaddon/Solaris and Steve Tribe from BBC Books, as well as literary agents John Jarrold and John Berlyne. Above is the excellent event booklet, with cover art by the acclaimed Liam Sharp, which was typeset and designed by Marie. If you fancy coming along then visit the website here for more on how to book.


The Best Horror of the Year Vol. 2, edited by Ellen Datlow

Marie was over the moon to learn that a number of the stories from the anthology she edited with Paul, Hellbound hearts, have appeared on the Honorable Mention listings for Ellen Datlow’s The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Two (above). These include ‘The Collector’ by Kelley Armstrong, ‘Prisoners of the Inferno’ by Peter Atkins, ‘Tis Pity He’s Ashore’ by Chaz Brenchley, ‘Our Lord of Quarters’ by Simon Clark, ‘The Promise’ by Nancy Kilpatrick and ‘Mother’s Ruin’ by Mark Morris. 

You can see the full list here and here.


Plague of the Dead, by Z. A. Recht

Marie has just reviewed Plague of the Dead (above) – the first part of the Morningstar Saga – by Z.A. Recht for Total Sci-Fi. You’ll be able to read her thoughts about the novel, released by Pocket/Permuted Press when the review appears online at

Mike Wilmoth, Marie O'Regan and Jo Fletcher at WHC 2010

Here are just a few of the photos featuring Marie from March’s excellent World Horror Convention in Brighton, like the one above of her on the ‘What Not To Do: Tips for the First-Time Convention Attendee’ panel with Jo Fletcher (right) and Mike Wilmoth (left). Below you can see her chairing the ‘Deal or No Deal: How Do I Get An Agent?’ panel alongside agents John Berlyne (far left), Ian Drury (to Marie’s left) and Dorothy Lumley (on Marie’s right).

From left: John Berlyne, Ian Drury, Marie O'Regan, Dorothy Lumley and John Jarrold.


Marie O'Regan, Dorothy Lumley

For more on the event, including pictures and a testimonial from Marie, visit the World Horror site here.



James Herbert

Above is the moment when James Herbert received his award for lifetime achievement in the horror field – just one of the highlights of The World Horror Convention which Marie attended last month (and was on the organising committee of). Coming soon are more photos from this fantastic event, including pictures of Marie on the panels ‘What Not To Do: Tips for the First-Time Convention Attendee’ and ‘Deal or No Deal: How Do I Get An Agent?’, which she also moderated. For now, though, here is a picture of Marie at the convention with Paul taken by Hellbound actress Barbie Wilde.

Marie O'Regan, Paul Kane

© Barbie Wilde

Marie also found time last month to update author Tony Richards’ site, with news about his new book from Screaming Dreams – Yuppieville – which launched at the Con (see below). You can find more details at

Tony Richards, Yuppieville launch, World Horror Convention 2010

© Steve Upham


Voices in the Dark, by Paul Kane and Marie O'Regan

The first huge piece of news is Marie’s new non-fiction book. Compiled with Paul, Voices in the Dark is an interview book containing lengthy and informative conversations with some of the biggest stars of the horror genre: writers, directors and actors, including Clive (Books of Blood) Barker; Neil (Stardust) Gaiman; James (The Rats) Herbert; Sarah (Matter of Blood) Pinborough; Joe (Horns) Hill; Steve (30 Days of Night) Niles; John (The Fog) Carpenter; Stuart (Re-Animator) Gordon; Eric (The Hitcher) Red; Rob (Halloween) Zombie; Betsy (Friday 13th) Palmer and Ron (Hellboy) Perlman. The book also comes with an introduction from the author of the BFI Modern Classics’ The Thing, Anne Billson. Keep checking back for more details about this closer to the release date, but there will be pre-publicity for this at World Horror in Brighton.

Speaking of which, Marie was delighted to be asked to sit on two panels at WHC. The first is on the Thursday of the con, 4-5pm and is called ‘What Not To Do: Tips for the First-Time Convention Attendee’. The second, which she is also moderating, is on the Friday at 5-6pm and is entitled: ‘Deal or No Deal: How Do I Get An Agent?’

Alt. Fiction 2010

In terms of future appearances, Marie can finally announce that she will be part of the line-up at the Alt.Fiction convention in Derby on 12th June. She will be featuring alongside BBC Torchwood, Dr Who and Being Human authors, as well as bestselling authors such as Tim Lebbon, Chaz Brenchley, Peter Crowther and Mark Chadbourn, award-winning editor Stephen Jones and many others. For a full list of the line-up so far visit

Finally, in her capacity as webmistress for each, Marie has updated the websites for both Read-Us and Tony Richards. To check out both of these visit and


The Dead That Walk, edited by Stephen Jones

Marie has just done a review of The Dead That Walk (above), Stephen Jones’ new zombie anthology featuring stories from the likes of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Joe Hill, Richard Matheson, Ramsey Campbell, Harlan Ellison, Kim Newman and Michael Marshall Smith. You can see this on the Total Sci-Fi Online site in the very near future.

La Migration, by Michelle Blessemaille

She has also recently updated artist Michelle Blessemaille’s site with more pictures in her capacity as webmistress. You can check this out at Michelle's website:


And a Happy New Year to all! Marie's year has got off to a good start with the publication of Darc Karnivale by Evil Nerd Empire. Edited by David Byron and Corey R. Scales, the anthology features Marie's short story 'Play Time.'

Darc Karnivale, edited by David Byron and Corey Scales


December saw the UK launch of Hellbound Hearts at the British Fantasy Society Open Night in London on 4th December. Below are a couple of photographs of the event, courtesy of Martin Roberts.

Hellbound Hearts, edited by Paul Kane and Marie O'Regan

Paul Kane, Marie O'Regan, Christopher Fowler and Dean M. Drinkel

The book's editors, Paul and Marie, with friends Christopher Fowler and Dean M. Drinkel.

Lastly, the Wingerworth Wordsmiths held a launch for their anthology, Out of this World, which Marie typeset. Paul Kane introduced the event, and readings were provided by members of the group.

Out of this World, Wingerworth Wordsmiths


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